Meet the Instructors


Stephanie Smith
Head Gymnastics Coach

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience coaching gymnastics. She is a former Concordia Turners gymnast and retired as a Level 8 gymnast and advanced in Trampoline and Tumbling. She has previously taught here as well as in additional gyms in Kansas City and St. Louis and has experience with both AAU and USA Gymnastics programs.
Lisa Berman
Sport Stacking Coach

Lisa has been a teacher for more than 20 years. She is currently the physical education teacher at The Soulard School and oversees all the tournaments in the US for the World Sport Stacking Association. She started coaching sport stacking in 2010 and she and her daughter started competing in 2011 and her son started competing in 2014.  All three of them are now on the USA Sport Stacking Team. They competed in World Championships in Germany last year and will travel to Taiwan this coming year.  Lisa's family have been members of Concordia since 2009 and she is currently Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Jennifer Story
Head Dance Instructor

Jennifer began studying dance at the age of 2. Throughout her career she has studied Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, and Modern. She has studied with numerous well known instructors and companies. She has performed in over 40 state and national competitions ranking top in her division and some top overall. At the age of 10 she began dancing with The Ballet Conservatory with Nathalie Levine, The Alexandra Ballet with Miss Alexandra, The Dance Center of Kirkwood with Karen Brewington and Kathy Massot and Washington University with Christine Knoblauch-Oneal. As a freshman in high school she was invited to join the performing arts program at Webster University studying ballet, jazz and modern with Gary Hubler. During her summers she would travel to the Nutmeg Ballet to study for 3 months. She has been invited to numerous master classes and intensives. She has danced with Dance St. Louis, Ballet Canadians, Momix, Kaleidoscope, Dance Concert Society and The Illinois Ballet. She has been guest artist for several different companies and schools. She began teaching while at Butler University. She continued from there teaching at most of the companies and schools she was involved with. She has taught all forms of dance from ages 2 to 90. In addition to teaching and dancing she became the company seamstress for the Illinois ballet and apprentice seamstress for the Butler Ballet.

Claudia Farson
Dance Team Instructor

Claudia trained in dance for 18 years. She began dancing at Age 3. She was a competitive dancer for 16 years. She competed with On Your Toes, The Movement Arts Center, and Mehlville High school’s dance team the Pantherettes. Claudia’s dance background includes tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theater, modern, poms, and contemporary. She has lead the dance program at Concordia for 3 years. Her favorite part of teaching is passing on her passion and love for dance to her students.

Julia Farson
Hip Hop Instructor

I started my dance education at four years of age at On Your Toes Dance Studio. By the time I reached kindergarten, I was competing in local dance competitions. I performed numerous group dance routines and solos throughout my dance education at On Your Toes. At the age of nine, I transferred to The Movement Arts Center Dance Studio. By this time, I was studying the dance genres of ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, modern, and hip hop. I really loved hip hop dancing, so at the age of twelve, I began dancing at Hip Hop Foundation Fanatics in Sunset Hills (HHFF - a dance studio that only teaches hip hop). Also at this time, I transferred to Motion Express Dance and Acrobatics. I competed on Motion Express's dance force team and competed on their sports acrobatic team for six years. To this day, I am still competing on the Hip Hop Foundation Fanatics dance crew doing multiple performances such as: Albert Pujols' daughter's birthday, Boo at the Zoo, Shakespeare in the Park, World of Dance, and Spring into Dance. I have been teaching Hip Hop at Turners for the past four years. I am also employed as a dance demonstrator at the YMCA in South County. I had a job with a performance company called Millennium Entertainment. Millennium is a company hired to provide dance and DJ entertainment for parties such as birthdays and business events. Last March 2016, I competed at the Monster's A-List, an all hip hop dance competition held in Dallas, Texas. There I received 3rd place for my HHFF hip hop solo against industry-level dancers.

Alejandro Ranedo
Marial Arts Instructor

    At nine years old I asked my parents to sign me up for the Judo club at my school. Back then I just wanted to learn martial arts to be like Chuck Norris, but soon I realized that martial arts do not make you the hero of a fiction movie. I learned that Judo is not violent; its techniques are governed by physical principles that allow you to take advantage of opposing force.
    Judo helped me grow strong and healthy. It taught me my limits and that I had to work hard to improve. It teaches highly important values, such as fellowship, responsibility, determination, and compliance with rules.
    I got my black belt when I was sixteen, and after that I had the chance to practice jui-jitsu and Judo applied to self-defense.
    In college I specialized in Judo, and I got my second Dan while I had the chance to practice other less well-known combat sports from Spain, such as Canarian wrestling and Leonese wrestling.
    In Spain, Judo is practiced frequently in schools because it helps the most energetic students to expend their excess energy and the shyest students to connect easily with others.
    Whenever I have taught Judo I have used methods that stimulate the cognitive center of the students and curiosity. I utilize games that make the class more dynamic and work to simultaneously develop students´ motor intelligence, allowing them to make the most of the educational potential of this kind of sport. .



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